Ava Parnass ~ a.k.a. "The Kid Whisperer"
FREE Gift - Feeling Town Map Interactive game for Parents and Kids

Feelings Town Map is a wonderful game for parents and kids to explore their inner workings and learn that having big feelings is okay! From the Book “My Feelings Are Hungry,” And yes feelings do get hungry? 

The superhero, Mushy the Magic Book, flies with kids in the E-mobile to Feeling Town to help solve problems. 

Ava Parnass is an author, songwriter and child therapist who combines entertainment and social-emotional literacy for kids.  her books and song helps kids behavior improve by figuring out how they feel through playing , talking, listening, reading, & singing.  Ms. Parnass also has a specialty in the emotional issues of childhood obesity.

Click on her link and fill out her for and she will email your gift!  Enjoy!
Rick Junnila ~ An Elf Named Finley
Anisa Aven ` Dare to Teach Your Children the Power of Their Minds
Debbie Teichmann - Tapping Play Sing with this Song "Rainbow Monday" 
On Christmas eve 2008, Rick asked for guidance. He asked, "What do I tell my daughter about Santa since she no longer believes"... and the story "An Elf Named Finley" is what he received.  

Customer Review - "An Elf Named Finley is a heartwarming must read for children and adults everywhere. The story is delightfully inspirational and transformational. If your looking for a book with a wonderful message of hope, belief, love then this is that book!. The words "Beliefs create truths" and "Do what you love make what you love to do, something that helps others" are words I will always carry with me. I recommend this book."  ~ Marie Cornelio

Click the download button here to read the first chapter.

Dare To Teach Your Children the Power of Their Minds –

Show Them How To Live Life Consciously And On Purpose with the Law of Attraction …and you'll not only help them find their passion but save your own sanity in the process!  

Do you want your children to find their passion, their purpose, and live meaningful, fulfilled lives? Do you want to avoid the tumultuous effort of getting your children to do what you want?  

As conscious parents, we can use the Law of Attraction to steer the relationships with our children. We can teach them to use the principles of conscious success to become the conscious creators they were born to be - happy, fulfilled, prosperous, loving, and successful.  

Every relationship experience is the reflection of our inner beliefs and expectations of that relationship. As we learn to intentionally use the power of our minds and the 'secret' law of attraction more consciously, we can literally inspire our children to follow suit.  

We can intentionally inspire them to higher levels of joy, peace, respect, dignity, integrity, cooperation, responsiveness, and ultimately impart to them the very principles of conscious success required for true personal fulfillment. And, we can do all this without telling them what we're doing, if we need to!
Kathy Noll - Bullying Advice from Award Winning Author
In the book, Billy and Franny demonstrate the individual tapping points. The words of the songs are color coded to match the corresponding heart points on Bill and Franny. There is also a video that shows the child how to tap. Tapping Play can't be done wrong - it is meant to be fun and carefree! Very young children can benefit from tapping because their little free spirits know what feels good and they'll develop their own techniques. The book and songs are set up with 7 sections for 7 days and it takes only 3 minutes each day to create a happy rainbow day!

Free Report from Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year, Kathy Noll -- based on the award-winning book, "Taking the Bully by the Horns" www.kathynoll.com National Awards for helping schools, educators, parents and children "Empower Those in Need, Make the World a Better Place, and Save Children's Lives."
Wendy G. Young ~ Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ Intro
Wendy G Young is the creator of Spiritual Grid Manifestation™. She is an author, public speaker and successful business owner and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses for over 20 years.  

Author of Get Inside Your Comfort Zone and certified in the areas of Consciousness Shifting and Strategic Attraction Coaching, she teaches people how to achieve physical, emotional and financial freedom.

Wendy G Young appears on television and radio programs, and is frequently quoted in leading national newspapers and magazines.

Deborah Antinori ~ Pet Loss Poem from award-winning audiobook
Double award-winning audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss by Deborah Antinori features her original poetry that has been requested at pet loss memorial events and featured at national conferences. "Everything Important to Know in Life, I Learned From My Dog" is the gift poem - never before released in print. Also, a listing of helpful Tips for Coping with Pet Loss will be included in the gift - a must for those anticipating or experiencing a loss.

Deborah Antinori has been a psychotherapist in private practice for twenty years - The Davison Counseling Center in Basking Ridge, NJ. She added the Pet Loss and Lifespan Transitions specialty to her practice in 1997. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Brainspotting Therapist who is also a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Fellow: Certified in Pesso/Boyden System Psychomotor Therapist and in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing); Registered Drama Therapist; and Fellow in Thanatology (by the Association for Death Education and Counseling). Deborah’s critically acclaimed audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss, which she wrote, produced and narrated, won an Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association and a Book of the Year Award from ForeWord Magazine. Deborah speaks nationally on the subject of pet loss, and has done numerous radio and TV shows including the PBS show, “Keeping Kids Healthy”. She has educated the public on the deep impact pet loss has not only as an important subject itself, but also in the phenomena of pet loss triggering memories of other losses of all kinds over the pet parent’s lifetime. Deborah has been a professional actress for thirty-five years performing in regional theater, Shakespeare Festivals, dinner theater, summer stock, tours, and in commercials and voice-over productions. She received her theater training in drama/muscial theater at the Boston Conservatory of Music, and her MA from New York University in the Drama Therapy Department. Married for thirty years to her attorney husband, Paul Antinori , she resides in Basking Ridge, NJ with their two Shih-tzus, Simarie and Pimpernel.
Becky Curran ~ How to Overcome Any Disability in Life
How to Overcome any Disability in Life" ~ By Becky Curran

Twenty seven years ago, I was born an achondroplastic dwarf. This means that I have an average height torso but shorter arms and legs. I stand 4 feet tall. Every day I’m forced to adapt to the “average” height world that we live in. Whether it’s using a stool or pedal extensions for driving, I figure out a way to make it work. 

Dwarfism is a recognized condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but a large number of people with disabilities will tell you that they wouldn’t change anything except for how the world reacts to their disability. What I've learned in life is that the real disability can only be found inside. Whether it’s using a stool or pedal extensions for driving, I figure out a way to make it work. I've learned to accept that the world isn't going to adapt to me. Each day I choose to focus on everything I can do, even if it's a different way than everyone else. Many people without any type of disability still focus on what they can't do and constantly compare themselves to others. Growing up I was extremely active on the local followed by the high school swim team. It took me a lot longer than my "average" height peers to finish the laps required at practice; however I stayed at practice until I completed what was required of everyone. 

You'll have to get the bonus gift to get the rest of this fascinating story and Becky's Tips on how to cope........ 

Paul Chilson ~ The Love That Is True
Publisher's Christmas Special - 33% OFF Only $9.97 per book at www.TheLoveThatIsTrue.com

Before the beginning of all that we see,  There was only God, as a family of three. And the love that flowed between the Three Was the truest love that could ever be.

And so begins The Love That Is True, the adventure of God’s love through all time. This book powerfully shows God’s love to children with vibrant full-page illustrations and rhyme, taking each child on an adventure with God. This book includes pages on the creation of the universe, creation of animals and man, angels, sin, Jesus’ birth and death, life as a Christian, the Church, walking with God, and heaven. For ages 4 and up, each page includes a discussion question and a Bible reference. In addition, the entire book can be sung to the included easy piano or guitar music.

“Through the Kingdom Series and the Knights of Arrethtrae books, I have tried to capture the story of God’s love for mankind and the spiritual battle for the souls of people in a way that will inspire youth and adults. I have been looking for a book that will do the same for children. The Love That Is True by Paul Chilson is just such a book! Your child will see God’s love and His plan for us through this beautifully illustrated book of rhyme, pictures, and song. This powerful book will be a keepsake in your home, one which I wish I’d had for my own children!”
- Chuck Black (author of The Kingdom Series)

Bilbo's Adventures:
Sonia Meyer ~ Free downloadable  Chapter - Dosha flight of the Russian Gypsies
Sonia Meyer, world traveler, author and Gypsy activist, writes about the mysterious people who entered our Western culture more than 600 years ago –Gypsies/Roma. They were persecuted then, their persecutions in Europe now are reminiscent of the beginnings of the holocaust. Who are the people behind the legendary prejudice and romantic misconceptions? Sonia Meyer leads us into the minds and hearts of the secretive Gypsy people. We will travel with these nomads to places of beauty, fear, loss of freedom and escape back to the open road.

Long Story Short School of Writing
"What Editors Want" - an Article to Help you Get Published

If you're a writer and tired of those rejection slips, this is an article that might improve your published work ratio. Loaded with great tips and must-do's this is what you've been looking for. Download it now and take a look at all the great courses you can take to advance your writing career.
Kathy Perry ~ 52 Social Media Tips
52 Social Media Tips is a handy guidebook that will provide insights into how to avoid the pitfalls and time wasters of social media marketing.  The Hub Socializer systems' 52 Social Media Tips can make a difference in your business in saving you both Time and Money!  Download your FREE 52 Social Media Tips immediately.  You can use this information NOW! Finally social media tips delivered to you immediately on social media marketing that saves you time and brings you up to speed quickly with powerful ideas, tips and tools for SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS!
Bill King ~ 4 Gifts - Stinkin' Thinkin' Stinks!
Gift #1 – (2) Positive Thinking Screensavers – These screensavers include beautiful pictures of beaches, sunsets, and other cool images. Use the screensavers daily to help you stay focused and achieve your desires.

Gift #2 – Positive Affirmations PDF – Also receive a PDF of positive affirmations to guide you to a peaceful, positive day.

Gift #3 – STINKIN’ Quiz – Take the short quiz and determine if you STINK. After taking the quiz, you will get your own STINKING Forecast as well as a STINKING Prescription which includes even more STINKING exercises. There is a “STINK-O-METER” to measure your SMELL.

Gift #4 – The STINK Tank – Sign up for the brand new eNewsletter that was developed for the slightly younger audience. If you would like the adult version, the link will also take you to my main newsletter, “Positive Pathways.” Feel free to sign up for both!
Betty Dobson ~ Family Lines:  Researching & Writing the Past
Subscribe to The Shift Newsletter at no cost and receive absolutely free a chapter from our new book Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation and links to access our EFT Demonstration Video, Blood Cleanse Meditation and our Crystal Bowl Healing Video. 

Are you feeling stuck? 
Our first bonus, a chapter of Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation gives you specific practical tools and exercises to assist you in removing the self-sabotaging roadblocks that prevent you from creating the life you choose to live. At the end of each key, the authors provide real-life examples of people who have used their concepts and techniques to transform their lives. Available at Amazon.

You can also purchase both the book and the companion guided meditation CD for our book Shift:12 Keys to Shift Your Life. These are trans-formative meditations for healing issues of inadequacy, powerlessness, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, heartbreak, loss of identity and disconnection. 

Marie Benard ~ Mp3s- Interview w/Neale Donald Walsh & 4.5 min. SynchroSynergy recording
#1 spirituality and wellness radio show hosted by Marie Benard

Synchronicity: Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body and Soul is the #1 spirituality and wellness radio show airing weekly in Vancouver, BC and heard online in 98 countries around the world on CITR 101.9 FM at the University of British Columbia. 

I interview a wide variety of guests covering topics that are related to spirituality and wellness. Some topics include health, wellness, spirituality, meditation, yoga, homeopathy, naturopaths, mind, metaphysics, new-age spirituality, energy healing, the law of attraction, consciousness, self-awareness, God or Source or the Universe, psychics, angels, prayer and other metaphysical topics. My view is that God is All-That-Is. To me, God is the Universal energy that runs through all things. We are all connected, and anything and everything you do is spiritual. We are spiritual, eternal beings having a brief physical experience. 
Synchronicity radio is about enjoying the ride.

Tracy Riva ~ Book Review Offer
Tracy Riva is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild in good standing and has been so since 2004. Tracy has been professionally reviewing books since 2003. Her reviews have appeared in online newspapers, in Blether reviews, in the Midwest Book Review, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other websites. Tracy currently reviews between four to seven books a month and has a backlog of approximately ten days to two weeks. 

Her book reviews are free. Contact Tracy.

Dr. Bill R. Path
2 ch of Moments of Forever: Discovering the True Power & Importance of Your Life

You will receive two thought-provoking chapters that describe humanity’s higher callings…the ongoing pursuit of: complete knowledge, absolute truth, perfect justice, genuine relevance, true meaning, and definitive purpose. Use these chapters to create a road map for your own life.

Moments of Forever is a timeless book that is an intellectually uplifting experience—eye opening and at the same time, inspirational and motivational. It explains your place in the vastness of humanity and reveals the incredible significance of every single life.

Dr. Bill R. Path is an Arkansas native and holds degrees in Bible, counseling, and higher education. He is currently the president of a community college in Norfolk, Nebraska where he enjoys coalition building activities and motivational speaking. 
Nadia Sahari ~ Chapter from Bestseller, Breakaway-Grandfather's Room
This is the first chapter of her bestselling book BREAKAWAY, How I Survived Abuse..

Breakaway is the breathtaking and courageous story of one woman's survival of molestation, rape, repeated beatings, domestic violence, and other attempts on her life.

• Nadia reveals hope, courage and inspiration!
• A true story of personal freedom
• Highly revealing memoir - dramatic details of more than 18 years of abuse.

In “Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse” the author Nadia Sahari tells us the story of her life. Unfortunately, many of the events that she experienced in her early years were heart-wrenching because they involved sexual and physical abuse. She bares her soul to us as she describes horrific events that she experienced and the remarkable Breakaway she made to find the life of her dreams.
Lanaia Lee ~ Audio of Poem, Prologue to Skulls of Salvation & Ch 1 Of Atlantis
Sign up for Lanaia's mailing list and download a free audio of her incredible poem, "And they Ride"
The Prologue to Skulls of Salvation, second book in a 5 book series called Of Atlantis + 
Chapter Chapter 1 - Of Atlantis, a tale of the 5 kingdoms of Atlantis before and after the destruction with eternal characters who live through and participate in many important world events throughout history.

Laura Lester Fournier ~ Top of the Day - Tip for Today! Spirituality for Real Life
Daily inspirational tips to help you start your day out with balanced awareness. Spirituality For Real Life.

Author, motivational speaker, and minister, Laura Lester Fournier is the author of four spoken word CD's which focus on stress reduction, forgiveness, true love, and expanding the awareness of grace. She has just released her fifth book, "The Caterpillar's Flight - A Story Of Transformation - Spirituality For Real Life." She is the founder of The Center of Forgiveness in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.

Cari Murphy 14 Days to Create Lasting Change in your Life Ebook &....
Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish and Empower Your Soul - 14 Days to Create Lasting Change in Your Life Ebook

Your life is created with or without your awareness, conscious effort or intentions. Wouldn't it be nice to create your life on purpose? You can! You can begin today! Embrace the requests of your SOUL! You have one of the most life-changing opportunities available to you right now! Through this instantly downloadable ECourse you will be re-training your mind to let go of old beliefs and perceptions that have kept you in a limiting state of fear and disharmony and distress! All of these lessons are intended to open your heart, acknowledge your spirit, embrace forgiveness of yourself and others, and remind you that UNITY and HARMONY can be felt anywhere and with anyone when compassion and love is extended freely and peace is your primary goal.

Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish and Empower Your Soul Ebook
This E-book is designed to provide you with daily inspirational images and nuggets of wisdom that hold the power to nourish you from the inside-out and bring greater peace, harmony, and fulfillment into your daily existence. Taking consistent, daily action steps that reflect the wisdom within these messages is essential is you truly wish to create change. It is my sincere wish that you will discover new pathways to joy and serenity through my divinely inspired messages.

Murphy has offered thousands of clients worldwide a unique blend of spiritual and intuitive counseling, business and lifestyle coaching, and energetic mindset mentoring that has served to promote powerful awakening, healing, and expansion in all areas of their lives. This well rounded, holistic approach to supporting her clients is one is unparalleled, and has produced phenomenal results and lasting change. She coined the term “Soul Success Coaching” and describes this method of coaching as one that is divinely fueled from the soul, serving her clients from a grand perspective that allows for the unveiling and fulfillment of their soul’s mission. Cari is also an Award Winning, Best Selling Author and Poet, having published 5 books in the fields of Spirituality, Personal Development and Inspiration, including her Best Belling book, CREATE CHANGE NOW: Reflections for Personal Transformation. Cari is an International Talk Radio Host leading her Creat
 e Change Now Radio Show to worldwide success and raving reviews with well over 200,000 listeners. Contact Cari at www.CariMurphy.com

Your Bonus Gift Package (valued at $149) from Cari includes: 14 Days to Create Lasting Change in Your Life Ebook & Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish and Empower Your Soul Ebook
Maureen "MGM G. Mulvaney ~ The Science of Getting Rich EBook
A practical, step-by-step prosperity program Filled with timeless wisdom. Written in 1910…A Classic! The Science of Getting Rich is a brilliant 90-year-old manuscript. The Science of Getting Rich applies equally to all WOMEN and Men. Introduction by Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM, Author of THE WOMEN’S MILLIONAIRE CLUB 
Jessamina ~ Free Goddess Experience Session & Report "7 Ways to instantly Feel Like a Goddess!"
A Get your Free Report: "7 Ways to Instantly Feel Like a Goddess" and a FREE Goddess Experience Session!"

Withdraw from the demands of your external life. The Goddess...Defined:

She is you, who you are right now, at this moment only...Ask the questions..Answer them for yourself..
The Goddess is She who defines and speaks the word.
You are the creatrix..She who creates
She who Surrounds herself with her creations, thoughts, objects that please her
Consorts, companions that challenge, amuse, bring pleasure..
The Goddess delights in the do-ing, and the be-ing.

Join me and other luminous women as we birth the goddess within..
The Goddess Experience:
  1.  Breathe  2. Stretch the body, open the body  3. Utilize your strength, feel the power. 4.  Use Resistance as fuel for incorporating more strength into this body.  5. Move with grace and cherish your true form.  6. Rest. 7. Breathe.
Guided Meditation to take you deeper into your experience of who you are and who you are becoming..
Share in the Goddess Circle..Your Talents, Goddess-Gifts, Your Superpowers. 
Jennifer Hamady ~ The Art of Singing:  Discovering & Developing Your True Voice
"The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice" has been hearalded as a breakthrough in the psychology of personal and musical performance. Here, you can read the entire first chapter, yours free as a bonus gift!

Jennifer Hamady, MA, is a voice and performance coach specializing in emotional issues that interfere with optimal self-expression. Based in New York City, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and non-musicians to discover, develop and confidently release their best personal, professional and performance potential. Her clients include Grammy, CMA, Emmy, and Tony award-winners, as well as corporate clients across an array of industries.

Jennifer is the author of "The Art of Singing" and conducts workshops and lectures frequently around the world on matters of creative expression. She also writes regularly for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and Examiner.com.
Adolphina Shepard ~ Creating Your Own Shift Workshop
You are invited to experience a life-changing complimentary workshop on the topic of “Creating Your Own Shift” through YATUVAY Energy School with World-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Adolphina Shephard. Where you will learn ancient healing methods to release and transmute the primary life-enjoyment-killers in your life such as depression, fear, anger, and sadness that will assist you in the ascension process, and will effortlessly balance you and reduce stressors…making all things possible with ease…where you will learn to THRIVE NOT JUST SURVIVE…through this amazing workshop. (Value $295.00)
Denise Cassino ~ 8 keys to Your #1 Bestseller 
Intro to the Audio Series for creating your Amazon Book Campaign

Get the overview of creating your own #1 Bestseller on Amazon. In this 9 minute audio, you'll find out what steps you need to take, how to find partners, what you will need for success. You, too, can have a #1 bestselling book. Find out how!et the overview of creating your own #1 Bestseller on Amazon. In this 9 minute audio, you'll find out what steps you need to take, how to find partners, what you will need for success. You, too, can have a #1 bestselling book. Find out how!

Misty VanderWeele ~ Thrive in the Face of Duchenne or...
Other LifeThreatening Disease of A Child or a Loved One

From fetal position to finding her voice to assist in the mission to conquer Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by creating a DUCHENNE MOVEMENT!

Misty is a speaker, Author and Duchenne Advocate, has 14 years of speaking experience, her story with son’s fatal most common form of muscular dystrophy called Duchenne has been featured in the Alaska Parenting Magazine, local newspaper the Frontiersman and the online MDA Quest Magazine. With appearances at the Alaska Women Show, The Alaska Chapter Muscular Dystrophy Association and Channel 2 News (Alaska NBC Television Station).

Misty brings to the table 4 suns(ions) (passION- inspiratION-motivatION & ACTION!) through sharing her experiences of navigating the Duchenne journey, her belief is that every parent dealing with Duchenne is meant to be on this journey, even though it wasn’t wanted. That they are strong enough to handle the consuming depths of pain that Duchenne brings to not only survive…but THRIVE!

Thrive in the face of Duchenne or other life threatening disease is a healing workshop to offer love, advice and support to anyone facing a life threatening disease of a child or loved one.

Does your role as caregiver of a child or loved one who is battling against the odds have you, frazzled, stressed, overwhelmed and fearful for the future?

Then this workshop is for you. You will learn new coping skills, gain new perspective on your current situation, the inspiration to live the life you want despite what you face, plus support you need to know that you aren't alone.
Cynthia Sue Larson ~ When Consciousness Changes the Physical World - MP3
MP3 Audio of Cynthia's Chapter

Cynthia Sue Larson reads her chapter, "When Consciousness Changes the Physical World," in this complementary MP3 audio file. 

One of our biggest opportunities post 2012 is to realize that all of reality is a dream, and we are the dreamers; this special state of consciousness of being awake while dreaming is called lucid dreaming. When we bring this quality of consciousness into our waking life we are living life lucidly, which means we can expect to see how our thoughts and feelings literally change the physical world. Humans will encounter overlapping realities and worlds post 2012, as we experience shifts in realities. We will live in worlds that are uniquely keyed to whatever personal levels of love VS fear and internal alignment VS internal discord that we embody at any particular moment.

Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA and intuitive life coach is editor of the monthly RealityShifters.com e-zine and author of several books, including the highly acclaimed, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World." 
Dina Proctor ~ Peggy McColl interviews Dina Proctor - "Madly Chasing Peace"
"Madly Chasing Peace" and creator of the 3x3 meditation method

Dina Proctor is a motivational coach, inspirational speaker, and author of the upcoming book "Madly Chasing Peace: From Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day." Dina's personal journey through depression and addiction to freedom and true happiness inspires others to discover their true power. Her 9 minute per day meditation technique is powerful and simple, practical and easy for anyone who is thirsty for real change in their lives to practice. 

 Peggy McColl interviews Dina about her personal journey, her book, and her 9 minute per day meditation technique (3 minutes, 3 times per day). This technique can be used for weight loss, interacting with difficult people, self-healing, or anything you want for your life. Dina leads listeners through a 3 minute guided healthy body meditation during the interview.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson ~ Sharing with Writers Newsletter
Please come sign for my Sharing with Writers newsletter where you'll receive tips on book promotion and the craft of writing most every week, a special AllMarketing issues once a year and an AllTips issue (by popular demand) twice a year. You'll find a sign-up form at www.howtodoitfrugally.com as well as a link for many pages of Resources for Writers. Or send an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in it to HoJoNews @ aol.com.

Sharing with Writers

A newsletter that is also a community. Share your ideas. Learn from theirs! Associated with the multi award-winning series of HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers, www.howtodoitfrugally.com 

Alice Elliot Brown ~ Getting a Life: Making a Living
Buyers of Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish will get a free e-book of Getting a Life;Making a Living: How to start and run your own business. This book is for the first time entrepreneur who wants to make a new life for themselves.

Katharine S. Ayers ~ Free Chapter of Bestseller From Frozenness to Freedom
Healing comes in many forms. Some find healing in people, events, or places; others find healing in art, music, writing, and creativity. For artist-writer Katharine Ayers, her healing journey blends painting, poetry, and introspection. And in From Frozenness to Freedom, she shares this personal healing with all.

In this intimate story of transformation, Katharine takes you to a beautiful retreat center on Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands where you follow her experience of how spontaneous intuitive painting opened doors to the unconscious and created healing. She tells us about the process of painting and how she was guided through a life-changing experience.

With beautiful, expressive paintings and lush Hawaiian phtography complementing her story, you’ll find this chapter of the author’s life a truly endearing and moving one. 

Tһіѕ book was featured аt tһіѕ year’s Illinois Library Association Book Exhibit іח Chicago, IL οח September 29-30, 2010.
Sallie Felton ~ "Light AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL"  Depression 101
Sallie and Conway Felton: “LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL” A husband and wife’s personal journey through depression, support and transformation. 

Depression can hit anyone at any age. It is insidious, it is weight crushing, hold paralyzing. Millions are afflicted by this disease. The secret is how one deals with it medically, holistically and spiritually. Their story is not unique; they have been living with depression for over 36 years. What is unique…this husband and wife team’s willingness to take the risk in having an open and ongoing conversation worldwide. "We have learned new tools, exercises and how to change our mindset that we wished we had known years ago.”

3- ONE HOUR radio interviews with Sallie & Conway Felton and their expert guests

Plus, when you download “LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL”, Sallie will autograph and ship to you FREE, her new book, “Stepping Stones to Success”. Just click on the download button to order her new book.

Yvonne Perry Whose Stuff is This?
Yvonne Perry is a metaphysical teacher and speaker with a desire to help people transform their limiting beliefs into a liberating view that brings joy. She presents her spiritual gifts of compassion to those who are ready to let go of fear and fully embrace Divine love.

Bonus Gift:  First chapter of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Detrimental Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.    The first chapter of a bestselling book about empathy and intuition. Geared toward helping empathic people who are unknowingly picking up and carrying the energy of others. Symptoms manifest as mood swings, depression, fatigue, and illness. Learn how to protect yourself from energy overload, set boundaries, and keep your auric field clear.

Bill Dueease ~ Teleclass - Is Engaging a Life Coach Right for Me?
By attending our teleclasses you will learn how the life coaching process works. You will gain more clarity and confidence to decide whether the life coaching process will be best for you to accomplish your life, and business goals.

In 2000, Bill chose to hire his own coach to help him take control of his life. Even though he was strongly connected within the coaching industry, having been in charge of membership development of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF) it took him 6 months and 28 coaches before he chose Thom Politico as his coach, because Thom was the first and only coach who asked Bill for his coachable goal before he would begin coaching. Through coaching with Thom, Bill rediscovered his five core ingredients and created his new ideal income position as the cofounder of The Coach Connection, (TCC) which he started in June of 2001. This remarkable exercise of working with Thom is described in the book. Bill turned his life around and once again was able to go to play every day and get to call it work. Now he offers the same life changing information to you!
Kathyrn Ross ~ One Month Free Building your Twitter Following
Want to jump into the social networking world, but don't really "get" twitter. Let me help you. I'll build your following with targeted followers and send them a direct message each time they follow back. You'llsee your list grow and we'll drive traffic to your website, book or products. Don't wait, it's all happening with or without you. Take advantage of the greatest free marketing tool every invented!

Contact me by email at the Download link. Thanks.
Hunt Henion ~ Magical Mechanisms of the World Revealed
Chapter of the Best-Selling Book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing

Learn what the Hopi and Edgar Cayce had to say about how good people will be magically protected during the coming earth changes.

Hunt Henion: PhD in Religious Studies, Ex-Buddhist, Ex-clergy. Presently the "National Practical Spirituality Examiner" for paper, The Examiner.

Discovering & Living Your Soul's Purpose shows you how to discover your Soul's Purpose by providing you with step by step tools that allow you to make the practical changes to connect with your Spiritual Self.

Deborah Skye King is North America's #1 Soul Therapist, Author of Discovering & Living Your Soul's Purpose, President of Soul Therapy International and Director of The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute.

Deborah Skye King ~ Discovering & Living Your Soul's Purpose
"Develop a Success Mindset and Be the Best You Can Be"

Two coaching ebooks for your personal and professional growth and fulfillment 

Chris Hammer is a certified professional coach and psychologist who has coached many leaders and other individuals toward a wide range of personal and professional goals. He is passionate about helping people develop the energy, clarity, passion, and skill to do what’s needed for themselves and for the world.


Chris Hammer, Ph. D. ~ "Great Communication" and .....
Ten Tools to Take You from Frazzled to Fantastic in Five Minutes

Energy Emergency Tool-Kit

Do you ever get so overwhelmed you find it difficult to function? 
Have you ever damaged a relationship with someone you love as a result of being stressed to a frazzle? 
Try the FREE

Energy Emergency Tool-Kit! 
Ten Tools to Take You From Frazzled to Fantastic in Five Minutes!
Lynnet McKenzie ~ Emergency Tool-kit
How I Found My True Inner Peace by Maggie Anderson

In this free excerpt you will read the first portion of what has brought Maggie Anderson to the divinely untouched part of herself. This book can act as a guidepost along your way to true inner peace, Kundalini awakening and self-realizations. Peace if our constant. Our soul is always at peace. And we can bring that to our waking consciousness, either in little steps or a leap. It's up to you. And it's Maggie's intention that this book will assist you in getting there.

Maggie Anderson, CYT, RMT, CSC, is a yoga and spiritual teacher and healer. She is passionate about yoga, living life consciously in thelight, as well as empowering you with tools that help you get and stay inspired. To learn more about her work and sign up for her free newsletter, please visit her website at: 

www.SpiritualCompassConnection.com or contact her via email at: maggieanderson7@yahoo.com.
Maggie Anderson, CYT, RMT, CSC ~ How I found My True Inner Peace
Change For Good - 3 Powerful Download Gifts

A Breakthrough approach to change any area of your life. We are pleased to provide you with three personal change products to help you make positive changes. Download the first track of our Get Your Ship Together - Be the Captain of Your Subconscious Mind series, plus download the workbook, too. Then download our 7-Minute Vacation self-hypnosis mp3 program and let go of stress. We make change happen!

About Change For Good:  
Change the way you think, act, and feel using the power of your subconscious mind. Many of us do not understand change and therefore we feel stuck. We often think it has something to do with self control, willpower or discipline, but the secret to permanent change is to access the powerful subconscious mind. Bad habits or inappropriate, self-defeating behavior and negative self-talk have less to do with self control, willpower or discipline than you might think. Change For Good offers self-hypnosis programs, reports, articles, and information to help you make positive changes in your life.
Scott Sulak, BCH, CHT ~ Change for Good 3 Self-Help Downloads Just for YOU!
Discovering Your Authentic Soul

The Midlife Fairy Godmother's School of Re~enchantment ~ Discovering Your Authentic Soul.

A four week tele-class workbook for women who have lost touch with who they are and what they want. Whether you are in the midlife of a crisis or feeling lost, in limbo, or stuck, this will help you answer the call to awaken your authentic soul and become re-enchanted with life! Dollar Value ~ $50.00

Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas ~ The Midlife Fairy Godmother's School of Re~enchantment 
"Receive a Where Are You on your Path of Purpose Self-Assessment and two podcasts that discuss the journey worth taking...your soul's journey that leads to your highest destiny.

Michelle Casto is known as The Destiny Doctor. She is a Life and Business SOUL Coach who empowers you to
build a purposeful and prosperous Business that allows you the fun, freedom and fulfillment that your heart desires. She is a prolific writer and transformational teacher that utilizes soul alignment techniques to empower you to live your Destiny and shine your brilliance. She is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a global clientele.

Michelle Cast ~ Destiny Success Kit
"Recieve a 15 minute intuitive reading for only $20.00 (reg. $65.00)! Simply visit www.withinthelight.com, go to Contact T.L. and place Ignite Promo in the subject line.

Tracy Lee Nash, founder of Within The Light, is an international intuitive, medium and spiritual coach. Her clients have included radio personalities, film producers and authors. An accomplished writer as well, her inspirational work has been featured in greeting cards, calendars and books for Blue Mountain Arts.

Tracy Lee Nash ~ 15-minute Intuitive Phone Reading
At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out. CONFESSIONS OF A MOVIE ADDICT chronicles Betty Jo's love affair with film from the 1930s through the beginning of the new millennium. Complete with a section featuring entertaining film reviews and revealing celebrity interviews, this humorous memoir is a must-read for movie fans!

Betty Jo Tucker ~ Excerpt from Confessions of a Movie Addict
Discover how to experience the transforming fire of Unconditional Love that heals emotional wounds, dispels fear, comforts, fills and satisfies the deep longing 

Alicia Isaacs writes practical life-changing inspirational thoughts, insights, steps and tips gleaned from personal experience and observation. She shares profound spiritual wisdom in very simplistic but thought-provoking terms. Her article, Creating Miracles – the Process, was featured in the Black Star News.

Alicia Isaacs ~ The Power of Unconditional Love
NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test
Passion is key to success in any area of life. Take your Passion Test Profile and find out where you stand in being aligned with your passions and how you can raise your passion level.​
Chris and Janet Attwood ~ Take Your Passion Test
No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool is a modern day classic, which has been translated around the world, a whole new way of selling, geared for anyone who ever needs to sell anything to anyone,. As Selling Power magazine, wrote, “To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.”

Beside being at least one of the very best sales trainers in the business, author Barry Maher speaks, writes and consults on leadership, management and communications. An amazingly motivational keynote speaker and workshop leader, he can be reached through his website at www.barrymaher.com.​
Barry Maher ~ No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Too
What if you could take 20 minutes of your day to find out something about you? Would you? ‘Seven Reflections for Embracing Life’ is the new electronic download-to-print book by Rick Hayes.

Rick Hayes ~ The Seven Reflections For Embracing Life
"Quick and Ease-y Transformation Tips for Women. This ebook provides practical and inspirational guidance from 40 women who have lived lots of life, struggled at times and who are now thriving and enjoying each day and all that comes with it. Their tips will help you do the same.

Our Network is founded upon the belief that Women are powerful creators, passionate and compassionate leaders, and the heart and backbone of our world's businesses, homes and communities. Our Mission is to empower women to find their inner wisdom, follow their passion and live rich authentic lives. Join us for business, personal and spiritual growth.

Sue Urda ~ 40 Transformation Tips for Women
"Am I Really Hungry? reveals how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. The book reveals 10 tools that end the diet nightmare for good. Based on interviews and observation, this new book talks about eating hot buttons from the dieter's perspective while revealing and explaining how intuitive eaters depend on real tools to stay in control of their eating.

A regular on The Montel Show talking about intuition. Jane's first book, Fine Tuning is designed to help people recognize and tune in to their intuition. It can be opened to any page for a sound-bite of insight. Jane's savvy helps people connect with clarity to make empowering Life choices by using their senses with intuition and experience.

Because Jane Bernard is the expert to talk to about intuition, she was asked to write a book about intuitive eating.

Jane Bernard ~ Am I Really Hungry?
This delightful story, with relaxing harp music in the background, reassures children of all ages that when we listen and trust that wise inner voice, change can happen easily. This is a simple story about resilience and confidence. Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S.,CPC (SerenityPathways.com) and Amy Camie, professional harpist, (AmyCamie.com) combine their passion, joy and gifts in this inspired CD Gossamer Wings: A Butterfly Story to help children know that it’s okay to “be me”. This story will help them understand how important their own unique gifts and strengths are as they listen to the journey of a brave little caterpillar on the natural path to becoming a butterfly.

Bonnie Snyder ~ Gossamer Wings: A Butterfly Story CD Free Audio Download
Darren L. Johnson ~ 127 Quotes for Letting Go of Stuff and Simplifying Your Life
Good Posture is Not a Pose. Spinal Health as the Foundation for Overall Health - article

Angela van de Riet is a CCF certified coach and creator of Engaged Living. She attended Nova Scotia Agricultural College and has trained in NLP, energy-work, and Master Gardening. She is an active
 member of the International Coaches Federation and a soon-to-be graduate of Coach. She began coaching in 1999 to help people dealing with significant life and career transitions, as well as those feeling overwhelmed and needing to re-evaluate their life's path.​
Angela Van deRiet ~ Spinal Health as the Foundation for Overall Health
Manage your stress with humor and laughter' provides unique ways to manage our high-stress lifestyles

Gerry Hopman is a Humorist, Humor Motivational Speaker and Author, who believes that humor and laughter are essential to finding and maintaining balance in life and career.​
Gerry Hopman ~Manage your stress with humor and laughter
Soul Purpose Expert, is a leading expert in Akashic Records, Ascension and Multi-dimensional Healing and founder of the Soul JourneysŽ School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul JourneysŽ Method. For more than 15 years, she has served clients around the globe in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent you from being who you really are so that you can live your most joyous path

Jennifer Longmore ~ Letting Go Audio Series
Expand with Love holds simple yet powerful information that helps us remember love is ever present. It is within our power to open to the flow of love. It is the flow of love that will bring us through the trials and tribulations of life with grace and clarity.

It is my hope that “Expand with Love” will bring you greater clarity and strength as the changes in life accelerate. We are living during a time of tremendous growth on many levels. All of us are being called in one way or another to be strong, loving and true. We are being called to embrace our personal power and walk the path of our destiny. For this to happen we must break free from all the traps that have appeared to be reality. We are being called to rise up, stand tall and Expand with Love.

After surviving a tragic motorcycle accident at the tender age of eighteen, Astara embarked on an inward journey that would define the rest of her life. The process of healing her physical,mental and emotional bodies became the teachings of Conscious Mastery. She has assisted people of all ages rediscovery their personal power, talents and joy.
Astara Teal Summers ~ Expand With Love~ A Guide to Recognizing Love in the Midst of Change
Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, and motivational speaker. She is also CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM. Christy has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, coaching sessions and products. Christy’s has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine. Meet her at www.ChristyWhitman.com and www.7EssentialLaws.com.
Chris Hammer, Ph. D. ~ "Great Communication" and .....
Are you a Law of Attraction "junkie," yet the only thing you seem to "attract" is "failure?" A Guide that will help ANYBODY who may have tried using the Law of Attraction in their lives but found that the only thing they seem to "attract" is "failure!" Along with this special life-changing report, anybody buying this book today will also qualify for 20% off the regular retail price of my Award Nominated (Finalist, NIEA Book Awards) book, God=mc2? Getting Spirituality Down to a Science! www.AllYourWishesFulfilled.com OR www.GodEqualsmcSquared.com 

Prasann Thakrar ~ Learn the Nine Simple Steps to attracting REAL success with the Law of Attraction!
This special e-book provides you with a personal map for matching your power color to enhance different parts of your house, your body and your mind. Do you know what your personal power color is? Do you know what color during meditation can kill of disease? Do you know what color can release stress or relieve pain? Color can open new possibilities whether they
are related to your business or your personal life. Don't ignore the power of color and its associations. 

 Color affects us in a profound way. Feng Shui and color has power and endless possibilities to create wealth, health and happiness in our 
lives. - Value: $19.99

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio ~ Power & Prosperity with Feng Shui and Color Ebook 
Claim YOUR happiness with this special "More Joy for Me Now!" package. Immediately gain 3 new reasons to smile. Discover how to transform emotional pain into peace & personal power. Get more respect & appreciation -- at work & at home. Discover happiness at work! You may have seen "The Joy Coach" on "The Today Show," CNN & NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D., author of bestsellers like "Joy on the Job" and "Transforming Pain Into Power" has taught thousands of people just like you to claim more happiness in ALL areas of life. Get your FREE ebooks and "More Joy for Me Now" meditations now!

You may have seen "The Joy Coach" on "The Today Show," CNN & NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D., author of bestsellers like "Joy on the Job" and "Transforming Pain Into Power" has taught thousands of people just like you to claim more happiness in ALL areas of life. 

Dr. Doris Helge ~ More Joy for Me Now! Package
Stress takes away pleasure from living. It disturbs sleep & ruins health. Your productivity goes down! Relationships suffer!  

The E-Book "Stress To Serenity" and other free E-books, worth $100, describe simple and effective techniques you can adopt in daily life & move towards real happiness!

Download E-Books worth $100. Each of them holds at least one key to living life away from stress. Download now, and discover for yourself!
Praveen Sharma ~ Stress Solutions for A Happier Life
127 Quotes for Letting Go

As an Albuquerque business coach, international speaker-trainer-facilitator, and personal development expert, Darren L Johnson is the nation’s leading expert on effectively Letting Go of Stuff. Author of the book titled Letting Go of Stuff, he has presented on and researched this topic since 1994. Darren has published articles on how to let go by identifying and overcoming barriers that prevent personal and professional growth.

Soul Language

Free 15 Minute Soul Language Session
This 15-minute session will introduce you to the Soul Language program and answer any questions you may have. During this session one of your three Soul Languages will be identified.

Jennifer Urezzio ~ Know Soul's Language - 15 Minute Soul Language Session
The Auriella Show: Awaken To Your Spiritual Power is a leading international talk radio show about awakening to your spiritual infinite self & integrating it into your human physical existence in a natural, easy way that creates a shift in life & brings more empowerment, inspiration, abundance, & grace to an individual & ultimately to the world now and every day. 

Come join us every Tuesday, 2:00pm PST/5:00pm EST and receive gifts from Auriella and show guests. Also questions and comments are welcomed during the show.

The Auriella Show ~ Awaken To Your Spiritual Power Weekly Gifts from Auriella and Show Guests
Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing experience with Dr. Kytka who is offering Two BONUS GIFTS.

BONUS #1: Listen to Dr. Kytka as she shares the importance of including children in outings and events.
BONUS #2: Three Chapters from her groundbreaking book Reiki For Children.

Guide to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their business during a 'slow' economy

Georgina Terry, FCCA–The Passions to Profitability Expert– is a business and people development  coach with a difference – she is a qualified accountant, mentor, change management consultant, local and international inspirational speaker, International Labour Organisational (ILO) certified trainer and author of the best selling book ‘The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom’.

With over 20 years’ of outstanding results delivery and experience, Georgina uses her skills and knowledge globally to help people achieve previously unrealized business and personal goals. 
Georgina Terry ~ Free E Course to Beat the Slow Economy
Are you feeling Over-stressed? Over-worked? Over-committed?

Do you feel like you are in reverse or stuck in neutral?
Carolyn will show you how adrenaline and stress can affect your health both mentally and physically. Take The Adrenaline Self-Test Assessment, then join Carolyn at a free teleseminar for a more in-depth discussion about balancing stress and how to have a more balanced and productive life with meaning. More gifts at the teleseminar!

Carolyn Bates ~ Adrenaline Assessment and Free Teleseminar
Instructions would be to go to the contact page and mention Juliette to set up an appointment for the session at 50% off. 

Gloria Charlier RN, BSN, CCHt is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in the field of mental health. Her passion is Holistic Healing. She is a certified Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Sacred Consultant, Wellness Coach and has studied the link between Creative Expression and healing. Gloria offers workshops and one on one consulting. She has participated in a live women’s discussion group on Public Radio WVXU. Gloria’s e mail address is info@gloriacharlier.com 

Gloria Charlier ~ One hour Sacred Contract session for 50% 
"Christa Jan Ryan’s current book, Silent Screams from the Hamptons, is a memoir set in the fabulous Hamptons. Interwoven throughout the book are events from her marriage and the ever-present shadow of her improbable family of origin. Her unique style of attacking profound issues with humor, makes for a compelling read.
Today, Christa reaches families and women overcoming addiction and abuse through her dramatic readings and presentations. She supports organizations that fight Domestic Violence. One of her partners is WADT.

Ryan has been honored with both the Award of Courage from WADT.org in Atlanta, GA and the Award of Hope from the Center of Family Service in Camden,New Jersey.  Ryan currently lives with her two sons and two cats in Western MA, where her writing provides a renewed sense of purpose.  Visit Christa's website at christajanryan.com
Christa Jan Ryan ~ Chapter from Silent Screams from the Hamptons
Free Self-Realization Starter Kit: Features the extraordinary ideas of best-selling author and success expert Guy Finley. Includes a phenomenal 60-min MP3 audio program, \'5 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless\'; exclusive access to over 75 MP3 downloads in \'Guy Finley\'s Wisdom Library\'; the inspirational \'40 of the Most Powerful Quotes of All Time\' ebook; plus a stirring song track from the sacred music CD, \'Door of My Heart.\'​

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio ~ Power & Prosperity with Feng Shui and Color Ebook 
Linda Barnett-Johns is a virtual assistant to authors, providing many marketing program. She creates beautiful book trailer to help you market your books. She is offering a 20% discount on any book trailer she creates. This offer is a $30-50 value and is good through December 2011. 

Please use this code when contacting her. LBJ-trailer 12/2011

Email Linda @ writingfriend@yahoo.com

Linda Barnett-Johnson ~ 20% Discount on Book Trailer Video
Complimentary 30 day service

Experience a complimentary 30 day service (Value $150.00) that effortlessly balances your energy field and subtly reduces stress...making all things possible with ease and grace. Dr. Tianna Conte is a unique blend of mystic and scientist. Her childhood mystical roots led to a career that has spanned over 25 years as a trained Naturopath, Ordained Interfaith Minster and initiated Shaman. Her passion is in integrating ancient healing wisdom and cutting edge technologies in energy mastery.

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio ~ Power & Prosperity with Feng Shui and Color Ebook 
Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story. Lisa is offering her ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" and a transformational "Business Breakthrough" Story Coaching Session ($300 Value) where you'll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, de-stress your marketing and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable. You'll move from anxiety to authenticity, from stress to simplicity. It IS personal and it's all about the story you tell!

Lisa Bloom ~ Using Stories to Get Great Clients' eBook & Business Breakthrough Story Session
Learn the shamanic way to create success in ways never imagined that you can apply NOW by tapping into the wisdom of other worlds and dimensions. Learn unique and powerful techniques to create quantum leaps! Find the secrets to create your prosperity, discover how you are stuck and how to change it, and recognize how clients, or those in relationships with you will find value in what you do!

Learn the shamanic way to create success in ways never imagined that you can apply NOW by tapping into the wisdom of other worlds and dimensions. Learn unique and powerful techniques to create quantum leaps! Find the secrets to create your prosperity by discovering why you are stuck and learn how to change it.

Dani Burling is a Master Shamanic trainer who has studied extensively throughout Peru and the USA. She has the unique ability to guide others to make their quantum leaps into success. Over the past 20 years, she has taught thousands world wide to break free of their struggle and create amazing successes. ​

Dani Burling ~ Step Beyond Stress into Success – Listen to my free MP3
IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN! This free bilateral soundtrack will unleash and unblock your creativity (and expand your consciousness) like nothing else you've ever experienced! 

Ignite the Genius Within by Dr. Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter (Penguin Books) is a revolutionary audio/visual instrument that provides an experience of heightened self-awareness never before delivered in a book.

Dr. Christine Ranck ~ Free Bilateral Soundtrack for Creativity
Wayne Dyer and Other Legends on Passion - Your special gift from Healthy Wealthy nWise magazine:

Mark Victor Hansen interviewing Dr. Wayne Dyer on Passion- One of the very best Passion series interviews, this hour long dialog covers everything from the story of Mark carrying Wayne's books for him 30 years ago, to Wayne's practical strategies for living an inspired life. 

Access to the HWnW complete ebook library - Over 70 ebooks in 13 categories featuring people like Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and Dan Kennedy.
This introduction to meditation provides the reader with a strong foundation for gaining the full benefits when creating a mediation practice in one's life.
Mark Victor Hansen ~ Access to Real Life Legends Interviews 
Haven't you always wished you could have an easy button for life? Now you can! This powerful yet simple spiritual tool will assist you in making countless decisions and choices and you can rest easy knowing you're always making the most optimal decision on ANY matter in ANY moment.

Without apology, Amy Scott Grant will call you on your stuff. She is a master belief shifter--armed with incomparable intuition, raw boldness, unbridled enthusiasm, a wicked sense of humor, and a huge heart. Often called "The Spiritual Ass-Kicker," Amy will zero in on the exact root cause of any matter, and has assisted individuals and groups in permanently shifting millions of limiting beliefs. Her writing and teachings have appeared all over the internet, as well as in several bestselling books.​

Amy Scott Grant ~ Easy Button Bonus
Jennifer Howard, Ph.D. is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, Integrated Kabbalistic HealerŽ, Integrated Energy Healer, life coach, author and professional speaker. She is a co-founder of the Healing Path Center and maintains a private practice with offices in New York City and Huntington, L.I., New York, as well as an extensive phone practice. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Howard brings together her more than 20 years of experience, extensive training and expertise in mind-body psychology, meditation, and a variety of the healing arts. She has been a faculty member of the graduate studies program of A Society of Souls and is currently a supervisor.  

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio ~ Power & Prosperity with Feng Shui and Color Ebook 
"Feel the energies of the 11-11-2009 Meditation

 On 11-11-2009 Isis gifted me with a beautiful meditation speaking to the importance of that day in numerology and galactically as the stars had aligned for the opening of the gateway.

 If you have the desire to transform your life the high vibrations of 11-11-11 can help you in that endeavor.

In this meditation you will experience the energy of 11-11-2009, the numerological vibrations and also participate in a deep connection with Sirius, and yes, you can still benefit from these energies as they are lovingly captured in this mp 3 meditation.
Natalie Kimbrough ~ Meditation
Kytka Hilmar-Jezel ~ Reviving & Destressing Experience
"Now you can be a more effective Public Speaking, with award-winning humorist and public speaking coach, Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel e-course Here’s what you will learn:

*How A Black Belt In Karate Can Help You Become an Accomplished Speaker

*Why You Don’t Want To Never, Ever, Memorize Your Speech
*Why You Absolutely Have To Have Control of Your Environment
*If You Want To Deliver A Dynamic Presentation
*How To Use The 6 W’s of Effective Journalism In Your Presentation For Optimal Results
*How Body Gestures Can Make or Break Your Speech
(PLUS a surprise BONUS worth $65)
Peter Fogel ~ "The Reinvention Guy" 7 Days to More Effective Public Speaking
Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life! Through the enclosed information in this ebook and it's pearls of wisdom, Empower Your Life in the areas of Perspective, Forgiveness, Leadership, Happiness and Success!

Elaine Lockard is a born and raised Virginia girl whose passion in life is to help others know, access and utilize the power and passion they already carry inside them to heal themselves, their lives and their careers and businesses. She is an Empowerment Specialist, Certified Business, Life and Spiritual Coach and Consultant, Mentor, Certified Healing Practitioner, Natural Intuitive, Writer and Author of the informational book “21 Ways to Ease Foot Pain” based on her personal experiences with foot discomfort.

You can learn more about Elaine and her work at http://elainelockard.com 
Elaine Lockard ~ Empowered Quotes Ebook
1-year subscription to “The Success Achievers’ Club”…a $129 Value! 

Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of The Self-Esteem System, and CEO of Http://www.CenterForPersonalReinvention.com, is an internationally acclaimed expert on elevating self-esteem, a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and dramatically increase productivity.  He is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning. Learn more about his life-changing work in championing people to restore their self-esteem at http://www.theselfesteemsystem.com/1/7steps/  

Dr. Joe Rubino ~ Free insightful audio program “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem”​ and a...
Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing experience with Dr. Kytka who is offering Two BONUS GIFTS.

BONUS #1: Listen to Dr. Kytka as she shares the importance of including children in outings and events.
BONUS #2: Three Chapters from her groundbreaking book Reiki For Children.
Amy Flynn ~ Increase Your Money Flow with Powerful Money Reiki Healing
Money Reiki Healing balances and strengthens your energetic system in the area of money. Move from stuckness and struggle to flow and ease in the area of money in your life! In this recorded healing you will receive powerful energy that aligns you with the vibration of money.

You will also receive the Instant Joy Process audio mp3 to keep your vibration high and aligned with the abundance you wish to receive along with a complimentary subscription to inspirational weekly ezine Energy Currents.

Amy Flynn is a born intuitive, energy healer and the voice channeler of The Collective. She is a transformational expert who facilitates a lasting connection with Source resulting in profound experiences of confidence, abundance, joy, freedom and peace allowing clients to dance joyfully and powerfully with life. Amy is the creator of The Call of Your Being© series with The Collective and powerful guided state meditations including the Money Reiki Healing and Receiving Energy Alignment Meditations. Amy publishes the weekly inspirational ezine Energy Currents and appears regularly on numerous radio shows uplifting and transforming audiences worldwide.  
In Appreciation and Joy,  Amy